Pets are a wonderful addition to any family. They bring us happiness. They bring us joy. They love us unconditionally and never judge us. Through the good and the bad, they are always there to offer a quick cuddle, tail wag, or a good reason to go outside after a rough day. These furry little friends can bring so much to our lives, but they can also cause some pretty significant problems for our flooring, our upholstery, and our homes. While we wouldn’t trade our pets for anything, inevitably we all end up feeling like it is pretty obvious that we own them. Puppy kisses are a yes, but most of us could do without the puppy smell.

At Buyher’s pets, we are experts when it comes to managing pet stains and odors. We know that your beloved little furball can also make quite a mess, but we are here with solutions when they do. Whether you are looking to clean up a particularly bad mess or you just don’t want your carpet to smell like your furry friend, our team has you covered. Our intensive approach to treatment comes in various forms depending on your needs and budget.

UV Blacklight Inspections

When you give us a call, the first thing that we are going to do is break out our UV blacklights. When you have a pet, you tend to spend a lot of time cleaning up after them. While there are plenty of great products on the market, the reality is that everyday cleaning products generally aren’t enough to completely remove those pesky messes. We use blacklights to show us where your carpet or flooring is still holding traces of urine so that we can target those areas specifically while treating the rest of the area at the same time. Even if you can’t see the urine, our blacklights can.

We Offer The Following Pet and Odor Remediation Options

Pet Odor Treatments

The majority of animals are highly dependent upon smells when it comes to their living spaces. Since animals rely on smells so much, it comes as no surprise that they come with quite a few smells of their own. Whether you are experiencing odors from pets marking their territory or the smell of your pet rolling around on the carpet has overtaken your living room, we have the tools to help. At Buyher’s Carpet and Upholstery, we know how to completely eliminate odors so that no one will know that a pet is living there. We offer light odor treatments, heavy odor treatments, and extreme odor treatments. No matter how strong the smell is, we can completely neutralize it.

Pad Replacement

Sometimes when it comes to managing pet problems, the true source is deeper than you think. When a pet makes a mess and it is left untreated, the remnants of that mess can actually seep down into the pads beneath the carpet. The end result of this can be completely clean carpet with an odor that just won’t go away because you can’t access it. Fortunately, our team is happy to offer pad replacement services so that you can feel confident that there aren’t any hidden messes.

Carpet Replacement


Historically, pets have been known to do quite a number on a lot of carpet. Sometimes pet make messes, other times they track in mud or muck from the outdoors, and every once in a while they just flat out destroy carpet. As pet owners ourselves, we know this. We have been there and we know the resigned feeling of needing a resolution to restore a room to its original glory. Our carpet replacement services are aimed at helping to replace the carpet that simply cannot be saved. Our group is prepared to replace your torn, chewed, or impossibly stained carpet in no time at all.

Floor Sealing

A common thing that people do, particularly with young pets, is lock the animals on harder floors. While this does make for an easy cleanup, the messes made by pets are known to damage various hard flooring types as well. In fact, most pet messes can easily strip the finish right off of a floor if left unattended for too long. It isn’t a good day when you clean up a mess and see that your once shining floor is now dull and exposed. Fortunately, with our floor sealing services, we can easily reseal any flooring whether it was damaged by claws or messes.
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