When disaster strikes, you have to handle it quickly. Flooding is one of the biggest disasters that a house can face, and the end result can be thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Though you might not be able to save your belongings unless you catch a flood quickly, it doesn’t mean that you have to lose your floors too. How quickly you address a flood can play a major role in how much you ultimately end up spending, which is why our team proudly offers emergency services to help save your floors from flooding. 

Floods can come out of nowhere. They can be caused by storms with flood waters, a sewer backup, or even a malfunctioning appliance. No matter what the cause is, our team of skilled professionals is ready to jump in and help you to reclaim your property. Since flooding can cause health concerns for your entire family, we waste no time when it comes to setting things right. We will help to rectify the situation just as quickly as it happened so that you won’t have to deal with the long-term effects of damage. Our services are aimed at solving a variety of problems that are commonly associated with flooding.

Prevention of Mold Growth

A major concern when it comes to flooding is the potential for mold growth. Mold is a dangerous and destructive force that can cause problems for everyone in your household, as well as the foundation of your house. Not only can mold cause severe health problems with consistent exposure, but it can also rot and breakdown elements of your house as it spreads. While most people know that mold is bad, few realize just how sneaky it is. Our drying services are aimed to dry up your damp carpet as quickly as possible so that there is no remaining moisture. A wet surface can encourage mold growth, which is why we aim to dry your carpet up as quickly as we can.

Disinfecting and Sanitizing

Sewer leaks and standing flood waters can come with a variety of problems. These kinds of floods are known for bringing a variety of health risks with them, many of which can cause serious concerns if they are not handled appropriately. We know that these risks exist, which is why our team also specializes in disinfecting and sanitizing. Our team sees it as their job to guarantee the safety of your family. For this reason, we use intensive approaches to ensure that no mold, bacteria, or other problematic agents can thrive on your flooring. 

Standing Water Extraction

There is no worse feeling than walking into a room only to realize that it is covered with several feet of water. While many people find this in their basements, it can happen anywhere in your house. Standing water is known to bring about a variety of problems. Not only can it damage your house, but it can also be filled with bacteria and other dangerous agents that you do not want breeding in your home. Our standing water extraction services are focused on removing any excess water in your home that has built up. After we have sucked up the water, we will happily get to work restoring your room so it looks better than ever.

Carpet Pad Removal and Replacement

Not everyone knows this, but there is actually quite a bit of padding under the carpet in most homes. This padding makes it more comfortable for you to walk, can provide insulation, and is also good for protecting your carpet and floor. However, during a flood, this pad can become a hot zone for problematic agents like mold and bacteria. Since this is the case, our team is more than happy to get it out of your house before it can do any real damage. We will swoop in, remove the padding, and patiently wait while you decide on your next move. In the event that you want the pad replaced, we can easily remove the old pad, treat the surrounding area, and then replace it with a new pad so that your room looks and feels better than ever.

Cleaning Services 

As nice as it would be for floods to be clean, the truth is that they never are. When a room floods, the water is generally stagnant and filled with all kinds of dirt and muck. Even after you drain the water out, the residual filth is left behind. Understanding this, we also offer services to clean up your floor, room, and any carpeting so that it looks like the area never flooded at all. No matter what kind of dirt or debris gets dragged in, our team is more than ready to force it back out so that you can get back to living your everyday life like it never even happened.

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