Area rugs are a great way to breathe life into a room. While these wonderful design additions can help break up harder surfaces and provide a great look, the fact of the matter is that these rugs also inevitably hit a point where they need to be cleaned. Smaller rugs make this job easy. As long as it is okay for the fabric, they can usually be thrown into a wash. However, area rugs tend to be larger in size and much too big to be easily thrown into the washing machine. Our area rug cleaning services aim to help bridge the gap for you. Our team can easily get your area rug cleaned up until it looks look brand new, and then return it to your home before you even have a chance to miss it. We take a fairly simple approach to accomplish this.

The Pickup

Most area rugs are huge and not everyone finds them easy to transport. We know that this is the case, which is why we will happily arrange for your area rug to receive a private escort to and from your home. Our cleaning services require certain technology, so we will borrow your rug for a quick visit to our base to complete this task. 

The Assessment

Our trained experts will take time to sit down and critically evaluate your rug. We will look for any stains, wear and tear, and will also check for any damage. While all rugs are different, our trained staff knows what to look for and can put in the extra effort to make sure that your rug is in good shape. We will not only look for areas that might need attention and offer solutions, but we will also ensure that there is nothing on your rug that might succumb to damage during our thorough cleaning process. Our team is able to adjust and adapt as needed to ensure that your property is returned in better condition than it was received in.

Dust Management

Rugs are known for collecting dust like never before, which is just one of the reasons that we begin our cleaning process with dusting. Even if you vacuum your rug every single day, dust and dirt can get buried deep within the fibers. Rather than simply soaking this excess in when we clean your rug, we will first use mechanical tools to rid your rug of any buildup. When companies skip this part of the process, the particles can be roughly forced through the fibers of the rug, or worse, ground into them. The end result is often a rug that is actually quite damaged, even if it looks clean. We want your rug to last you for years to come, which is why we always go the extra mile with this step and ensure that no dirt, dust, or crumbs stay hidden in your rug.

Spot Treatment

Stains are a natural part of life that affects us all. Whether it was the time that you told your toddler not to drink juice in the family room, or a leftover mud stain from when your dog was a puppy, stains are inevitable. For this reason, a huge part of our analysis is looking for any spots or problem areas. After the rug is dusted, we will apply a specialized treatment to any stains or compromised parts of the rug for a little extra help in the cleaning process.

The Wash Cycle

Once the dust has been removed and spots have been treated, it is time for a wash. Our team uses specialized technology designed to make washing area rugs a simple process. We use technology that is aimed to be harsh on stains but gentle on fabrics so that you can feel good about the state that your rug is returned in. Based on your personal preferences and the needs of the rug itself, we choose specific cleaning products chosen to yield the best possible outcome. Our cleaning products will not damage your rug or harm its color, but they are designed to remove stains, buildup, and anything else that might be lurking on the rug.

The Rinse Cycle

Rugs are generally composed of different kinds of materials and our cleaning products are fairly intensive. This is why we take the time to do an extensive rinse cycle on your area rugs. Our approach to rinsing is designed to flush out any remaining filth, rinse out the soap, and provide you with a perfectly cleaned area rug that looks better than ever.

The Drying Cycle

Since rugs are relatively thick, waiting for them to dry can be a bit of a pain. For this reason, our team uses rug-drying processes that are designed to give your rug a gentle dry that won’t compromise the fabrics, but also won’t take as long as typical air dry.

Delivery and Quality Check

As soon as we feel good about the status of your newly cleaned area rug, our team will securely roll your rug back up and return it home to you. Our experts will help you to get your rug where it needs to be, and we will also take time to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of the cleaning process. When you are happy, we are happy.

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